Sorrow and Santa all in One

Tonight I am still digesting the fact that I let a big part of my world know that the wonderful trial therapy I was on for my lymphoma did not work to end this cancer battle.  The love and the support is grand, the words come tumbling in from friends and I will try to just let go of the worry for the next 6 months and accept that scan will then determine if we move into another treatment then or if there is more calm time.  That node that I discovered is a maddening reminder but as Mac pointed out when I described that once you have cancer you worry when its present and when its not, I might as well just try to let it go for now as if you are going to worry when its not there and when its there I should just accept that a good option will be available and on I will go.  Thankfully today I photographed a young friend of mine who battles his own tumor and he hugged me so much and was so thankful to be here with me that it melted my heart.  He knows I will call him to get cheered up if I am worried or crabby.  He has offered something that adults struggle with—-complete acceptance that this journey is so hard—- he will let me vent and move forward in my own way.  So I will continue to practice stair climbing for the Big Climb and try to raise funds to be sure blood cancer patients will have new treatments.

Much more troubling and causing me to just melt with sorrow is the word that my dear, angelic, loving friend Lisa has lost the love of her life to that horrible disease ALS.  Lisa called me a while before the news of Jeff’s condition was made public and I held them in my heart and did not share this terrible news.  They have a marriage that is flat our inspiring and 2 amazing college aged kids that needed time to settle with the diagnosis before the public was aware.  I am not the closest of friends to them in many ways, but we had shared her victory over breast cancer, my journey and a love for each other that for me is just pure joy.  She has lifted me many times in my leadership of Soul and in this lymphoma journey so we share a quiet compatibility.  Even though I can appear a bit chatty and ‘out there’ I can keep information to myself.  The year has flown by and hearing of Jeff’s passing tonight is truly a blow.  It was my honor to record Lisa when she was bald from her treatments years ago and again to capture the entire family when everyone was healthy and happy, I treasure the memories of those times and am so thankful to have these special people to inspire me.

ALS is a horrible condition.  If I ever hear another person criticize the ‘ice bucket’ challenge I might fall into a puddle of tears.  For me that fundraising might be the best effort to battle a disease I have ever seen.  There was no real cost to put on a powerful campaign that brought a disease into the center of millions of minds.  I am so hopeful we can start seeing some progress in treatment through that funding.  At wreath making, one ace volunteer, Sue does wreath making parties at her home and she is great at teaching and making wreaths, her efforts this year were inspired by Jeff and she added ALS to the choice where her ‘students’ could donate when participating in her workshops.  Our worlds intertwine in amazing ways and we share grief and loss, love and grace.

I send Lisa and her family and friends all thoughts of love and peace.  I hope that they can feel the incredible power of the love that is gathering.  Jeff will be a force in the lives of many even though he has now entered into his new form.  RIP kind and loving sir. 

We are thankful and blessed to have had amazing support for our Artists’ Sale—-each artist added so much and we are so grateful for their participation.  The wreath makers and the greens donors helped us bring in over $12,000 to fund the work of Soul. Hundreds of others volunteered, baked cookies, and helped in many ways.  All who came as shoppers truly made this a wonderful success and we hope you will all bring new friends next year.  Our staff worked long and hard and did so very much to make it all work out beautifully and for that I am thankful and feel blessed.

Sue and I have been trying to put our Santa’s wish list up on FaceBook but have not been able to figure out a way of making the links active.  You will have to copy the links into your search engine, sorry this 60 year old woman can not figure out what is happening to remedy this issue.  So here it is and if you would like to make a little gift of ribbon, paper or a file cabinet, here are the links and the gift can be delivered to Soulumination at 1113 NW 52nd St, Unit A, Seattle WA 98107.  We would be so thankful and we would put them to great use in serving our precious families or raising money to serve.  The items are very affordable and we would appreciate the support. 

Wish list: 


Filing Cabinet

I have another Soul session scheduled for the 18th so I will be meeting yet another fellow warrior in the battle against a blood cancer.  On Tuesday I have an interview for the SCCA yearly report and a few days ago I did a podcast for Swedish and Thrive thru Cancer.  I also had a couple of long talks with the patient relations staff at SCCA and am working to help them formulate how to better serve the needs of their patients.I promised I would advocate and so it begins.

Sweet dreams, happy holidays and beautiful memories.  In love and peace, Lynette



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