onward armed with tiara and cape

Not sure big girl panties, a tiara and later my TinySuperheroes cape is enough to keep me upbeat and ready for an interview later today.  Honestly the reality of dealing with cancer can be so daunting.  Things seem to be okay with me, but I have to wait another month for the scans to know more.  That sent me into a bit of a decline as I had the scan on my calendar for tomorrow but it never was truly scheduled and they are so busy I must wait in line until mid August.  Those of you who know me can guess that is a stretch.  But that is nothing compared to the fact that this morning I see that my fellow honoree of the Big Climb 2013, Colton has relapsed again.  This brave young man hears the news for the 5th time and I can only imagine the sadness for him and his family.  He is also a CAR T Cell therapy guinea pig whose treatments are given in Philadelphia.  Colton is surrounded by care, love and support so hold him and his family in your hearts and lets see him fight back yet again.

I never want to be selfish or take things personally in this fight but wow to hear its not working for him and knowing he has had a second infusion of cells is crushing.  I so badly want this new therapy to work, watching my dear friend and amazing human being Dawnelle cope with the effects of chemo makes me know we have to have other methods to cure cancer.  The loss of the researchers in the plane catastrophe had me so upset as they certainly link to this therapy and now this, darn it can be just too much.

We are off at 10:30 this morning to head to Camp Agape to work with 13 families.  I have my F#%K cancer necklace on as always but realize I might have to cover the F word for this outing but can not take it off as truly this may be the one proper use that word.  There is a videographer coming to join us and record the work of Soulumination and do an interview, wow that seems daunting when frankly all I want to do is cry and rail against the harshness of this disease, but hardly the time or place considering this camp is for kids and their families who are battling this horror.

We are so busy at Soulumination with photographers being out working with new families regularly.  We are laying the plans for the December Artist Sale and are welcoming our new employee, Jaymie.  We all miss Mysti but we hope to pull her in for a work party soon.  Jaymie brings a whole new knowledge and skill set to our organization so we are delighted.

Please save those Ballard Town and Country Market receipts for us.  We will soon have a pinterest page up that is designed by our TIPS intern, Sydney that will be like a wish list for us and supporters can order supplies that we need to keep our gifts to families looking beautiful.  Today I am sharing the photo of myself with two other young men who have been treated with T Cells and I hope they are doing well and moving forward. If you feel like being inspired but also want to know just how tough this fight can be, watch this amazing speech:  http://deadspin.com/heres-stuart-scotts-moving-speech-from-the-espys-1606406639?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_facebook&utm_source=deadspin_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow

In love, peace and hope, Lynette

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