Devora Eisenberg

Devora Eisenberg

Even as a little girl, instead of drawing, I would arrange my Crayola crayons into small gatherings of color combinations.  Then came painting, drawing, and arranging flowers.  I now deeply appreciate the cycles of transformation in my garden and the many ways life blooms.  Jewelry brings all of these elements together – and also brings retreat, creative joy, creative struggle, and a quiet place to just be present.

I began making jewelry 20 years ago.  Creating jewelry helped counter the abstract, often intangible work of teaching.  I had found a balancing passion.  And then my daughter Rose was born.  Some lives are so much harder than others.  My sweet girl lived until she was almost six, when she unexpectedly died from a seizure.  Lynette photographed our family (including baby Anna) and I so treasure these photographs. I had no idea they would be among her last.  Jewelry has helped me – helps me - throughout it all. 

It is an honor to share my work here in this unique community.  To all of those “in the club,” my heart is with you.  And to all those who support the mission of Soulumination, or who work with special needs children, my heart is grateful.


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