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Adam lived from April 28 to August 18, 2004. He was the son of Scott and Carin, and the brother of Megan and Sara. Adam suffered from hypoplastic left heart syndrome, spina bifida, hydrocephalus, an enlarged liver, hypospades, and was unable to breathe on his own. “Never leaving the ICU at Seattle Children’s Hospital for his entire life, Adam went through a lot of procedures and poking and prodding and arrays of tests,” his parents recall.

“Many of the nurses commented how good he was through it all, that most other children would cry out at the smallest thing, but Adam tolerated it amazingly well. That’s how Adam was—strong of character, courageous, stalwart, patient. When you looked into his eyes you felt like you were looking into the eyes of a very wise old man, almost unworthy of his gaze, but wanting so much to feel the strength and love and maturity that he possessed. He had a mission in this life and he fulfilled it .”


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