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Once considered one of the top five goalkeepers in the nation, Austen Everett a 22 year old soccer player for the University of Miami in 2008, found herself in the fight of her life when she was suddenly diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Austen drew upon the power, strength, and support of her team, and athletic community, to battle the cancer. Through her experience, Austen discovered the idea to start her own foundation to help kids in their fight against the disease. Thus, she started the Austen Everett Foundation (AEF) to pair up college and pro athletes with cancer-stricken kids, in an effort to inspire, empower and reignite their spirit during a difficult time in their life. Kids are selected to serve as Honorary Team Captains for a professional or collegiate team, and are granted the opportunity to be part of the team as they attend pregame practice, wear the team jersey, visit the locker room, attend pregame talks with the coach, walk on the field or court with the team, see their name on the Jumbotron, and call the captain’s coin toss. The legacy Austen left now benefits countless cancer-stricken kids throughout the nation fight their battle with the strength and support of professional and collegiate teams and their communities.

“My personal struggle with the illness was the most challenging and defining time of my life. It taught me how to fight and has allowed me to see more beauty truth and triumph in a single day than I could ever imagine in a lifetime. Cancer has been the most unbelievable blessing in my life and has inspired me to start a foundation to help children in their fight with cancer and other life threatening illness.”
…Austen Everett   (1986 – 2012)



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