Benjamin L
in honor of Benjamin L

Benjamin L

Born on July 21, 2016, Benjamin was to live for only 41 days. “But he had so much personality!” his mother writes in a beautiful and moving tribute. “Even as premature as he was, he knew the sound of my voice and the love of his mother when I held him. When I walked into the room, he would raise his eyebrows and smile with his eyes. He would grab onto my finger and not let go for hours.” Benjamin suffered from Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, in which one twin receives a disproportionately low supply of blood while in utero. He outlived all his doctors’ and nurses’ predictions for him. “Jen, our nurse and a volunteer can tell you that every day she came back to work and did not expect to see him. Yet there he was, holding on until his little body could no longer.”

Benjamin’s family would like to thank the UW Medical Center NICU staff and the Children’s Hospital NICU staff.


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