in honor of Benny


Benny lived from November 12, 2003 until August 24, 2005. The son of Collin and Robin, and the brother of Katie Lynn, Benny suffered from severe combined immune deficiency. He received a bone marrow transplant in 2004 and was treated at Children’s Hospital, with assistance from the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

“The thing we most want people to know about him,” his parents say, “is that no matter what was happening to him, and no matter how sick he was, he almost always had a smile for everyone. His smile would light up his whole face, and whoever he smiled at couldn’t help but smile back at him.” Behind his big smile, Benny was a fighter. “We are so proud of him for being so strong and fighting as hard as he did. He was and is loved by many people and we miss him so much.” His parents would like to thank Children’s Hospital and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for all of their work and help with Benny.


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