in honor of Caleb


When Caleb was born prematurely on December 17, 2004, his parents were told he had only a 15 percent chance of surviving. But Caleb, whose mother called him her “Miracle Baby”, fought for life and survived. Caleb was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2006, and underwent a liver transplant in June of that year; in December of 2007 he suffered a relapse. Sadly, Caleb lost his battle with cancer on February 8, 2008.

Caleb’s family described him as a “curious, observant, detailed, neat and tidy little boy,” who was loved by everyone he met. He was a good, obedient boy in school but let his mischievous side out when with his parents.

Caleb’s parents would like to thank the Children’s Hospital staff, nurses, doctors, transplant clinicians and “all the people who have said so many prayers for Caleb.”



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