Carolyn Bell

Carolyn Bell

I was born in Atascadero, CA. in 1924. I lived in the northern rural part of the state until 1968 when I moved to the Seattle area in search of better clime and scenery.
My Work experience has stretched from A. to W. aircraft mechanic during World War II to woodworker. For 15 years, my son and I as “Whittleworks” worked with exotic woods and did many street fairs in Washington.
I’ve worked in printing plant, as a lot boy for a sports car dealer, as a window dresser, in a transformer factory and various electronic assembly plants, I was owner/ operator of a one person ice company and an election equipment technician for 23 years until the job joined many others in disappearing.
Although I began drawing before starting grammar school, art has always been a spare moment occupation. Since 2008 I’ve been painting full time, mostly developing Ballard influenced note cards and painting portraits of critters.
For me painting is really seeing the things that I look at and then figuring out how to communicate what I see to others.


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