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Chris, born December 19, 1988 passed away in 2010.  He is the son of Renee & Joe and brother to Sara and Erica. Chris was diagnosed with metastatic medulloblastoma. He suffered from brain and spinal cancer, with further damage done to his brain and body by experimental treatments.

Those who lived with Chris bear witness to his strength, courage, heart, compassion, and amazing sense of humor. On a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a new ID card for Chris, Renee watched nervously as the clerk asked Chris if he wanted to be an organ donor. “I was sweating bullets,” she recalls, “because part of the fun of Chris is never knowing what he’ll say or do. Sure enough, Chris burst out with ‘I don’t think anyone would want my organs!’”

For Chris’ family, watching him struggle against his cancer has been unexpectedly inspiring. “I don’t know why these children must suffer,” writes Renee, “but I have learned that when adults see it, children allow them to feel a deeper compassion and understanding that enhances their own lives.”

Watch Chris’ video on Youtube:“Chris Rocks the Golf Cart”.


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