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Conner was born January 25, 2005, and passed away on November 26, 2006. He was the son of Carl and Desiree, and little brother to Brenden. Conner was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs Disease when he was seven and one-half months old. “Faced with this tremendous tragedy,” his parents say, “we have dedicated our lives to following our son’s legacy.”

Conner’s family remembers him as “a precious miracle, an amazing creature whose smiles would light a room. From his first smile, his first cry, even his first breath, he was beautiful. From the second he entered our life, we knew in our hearts that he was so incredibly special. Conner was the picture of health-so strong, so beautiful. We had the unbelievable gift and opportunity to know and love a true angel. Conner was only on this earth for 22 short months, and he touched so many lives. He was a truly special and wonderful child who helped us recognize the greatest of gifts: life, which is truly a miracle and much too short. We all loved him so dearly and it is hard to imagine life without him.”

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