Cynthia Dellinger

Cynthia Dellinger

  I grew up in central Virginia and have a love of history.  Links to things past have a special draw for me consequently.  Historically Moravian settlements are some of the oldest in this country.  The old village in Winston Salem is one of these settlements. 
  While visiting my mother some years ago around the Christmas season I found Moravian Star ornaments which I brought home to decorate my house for the holiday and remind me of this little historical link.  Moravian Stars in the religious context are displayed during the Christmas Season and are always lit to remind one of the star that led the Wise Men to the manger. 
  My ornamental stars were so pleasant to look at I never put them away.  I wanted to learn how to make them myself and found a way to do this.   
  When one of my sisters died of leukemia I found great comfort in the meditative aspect of making these stars and even greater comfort in finding the Soulumination organization as a venue to sell the stars.  All proceeds from the sales go to the organization.  Each star is an homage to Bobbi, my sister and those others who have passed too soon.   
  The stars take between 4 and 6 hours each to make and are completely done by hand.  My stars are secular and consequently deviate from the white of the traditional Moravian Star.  They are not perfect although I strive for perfection.  In many ways the imperfection becomes a meditation on life itself as I view it.
  If you purchase a star my hope is you enjoy it year round and remember something or someone wonderful in your life.


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