Emily N
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Emily N

Emily was born on February 26, 2003. She was the daughter of Ericka and Robert, and the big sister of Allison. Emily was born with Joubert’s Syndrome and in April of 2006 she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer; these conditions left her blind and affected her motor skills. Emily passed away on June 15, 2007.

Emily’s family describes her as “a very loving child, so beautiful and funny. Emily had her own language and everyone that knew her understood that special language; she could get everyone to speak it. She loved to have her head close to your heart; it was very comforting to her. She also loved music, which has been a big part of her life.” Emily loved being photographed: “Even though she was blind, she still knew to put a huge smile on her face.” And although she could not walk, she moved all over her living room floor, touching things with the tips of her toes, then kicking at it and laughing. “That was a major accomplishment for her.”

Emily’s mother also said: “I loved that my child understood and knew things about life that I could never understand. I could never know life the way she did. She may have been blind and had a syndrome that affected her motor skills, but she made up for it in so many other ways that it’s impossible to put it into words.”



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