Emma R
in honor of Emma R

Emma R

Emma was born on May 17, 2004 and passed away February 14, 2011. She was the daughter of Julie and Dave and sister to Jake and Zack. Emma was diagnosed with Tay Sachs disease when she was eight months old.

Emma’s parents described her as their “little ray of sunshine.” They say that “she possessed such a warmth and sweetness which radiated around her. Just holding her brought us a sense of calmness and peace.” Her parents consider one of her most notable attributes to be her “contagious belly laugh.” They have been told that “her random and infrequent giggles are really seizures.” However, they have also found that “Emma laughed at the most appropriate times. For example, when one of her brothers was crying or if someone said something funny, a shy smile crept onto one side of her face and she started to giggle. These moments made our day.”

The family would like to acknowledge the help of the National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association (NTSAD).



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