Hudson Ta.
in honor of Hudson Ta.

Hudson Ta.

Hudson was born on July 21, 2005, in St. Ignatius, Montana. He passed away on August 4, 2007. He was the son of Kendra, and the little brother of Coleman and Austin.

Hudson was named after an early 20th-century missionary to China, and his life was just as adventurous. At only 19 months old, Hudson (who had a rare, cancerous brain tumor known as an atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor) had endured chemotherapy, intubation, a tracheotomy, radiation, and an array of afflictions. Through it all, he grew and progressed miraculously. He had crawled and was developing speech.

Through all his treatment and suffering, Hudson remained “funny,” mischievously hiding things from his nurses, and developing sign language to communicate with his parents and caretakers. “I knew from the first few days,” his mother says, “that he would touch many people with God’s grace, and he did that without the ability to form a word.”

Hudson’s family would like to thank “the nurses, doctors, and staff at Children’s Hospital, Seattle, and the University of Washington Radiation department.” They also would like to thank “Side by Side Ministries, the hospital clowns and musicians who made him smile and started a love for guitar, and the ladies at North Seattle Alliance. A thank you also to Camp Agape. Our hearts have been deepened with the beauty and kindness of divinely appointed strangers.”

They also would like the world to know that they are “unspeakably grateful for the time we had with Hudson. He touched more lives in his two years than many touch in a long lifetime. Hudson taught us how to love like there’s no tomorrow, to embrace life like there are no obstacles, and to find joy in the little things.” You can also see Hudson on his Caring Bridge website at



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