Isaac T
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Isaac T

Isaac was born on June 18, 2003, the middle child of Chelsea and Alias. His older brother Elias is 15 and his younger sister Kiarra is 10.

Isaac suffered earlier in his life from HSV1 encephalitis, and was unconscious for two weeks. His doctors didn’t know whether he would live. He now has a damaged left temporal lobe, which affects his memory, learning, and socialization; he also has epilepsy.

Isaac is known for his “kind heart—he is the most compassionate kid that I know,” his mother says. “He is kind every day.” His sister has dietary restrictions, and “if she can’t have a particular treat, he won’t eat one either. And if another child at school has no lunch, he is the first to share his.”

Isaac’s family would like to thank Epilepsy Foundation Northwest, which operates a camp that “has enriched Isaac’s life and shown him that he isn’t alone.”


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