in honor of Jennah


Jennah, who was born on August 1, 2007, is the little sister of Aziza and Bassil, and the daughter of Sariya and Issam. She was born with a global ischemic brain injury, caused by the failure of her placenta in utero, is blind, and has epilepsy and cerebral palsy. “She’s a trouper!” says her mother. “Through rough medication changes, a total hip reconstruction, when she’s very ill and in the hospital for fourteen days, she’ll throw in a smile when I’m at my weakest, to let me know she is O.K.”

Jennah has a lot of charisma—people are drawn to her. “Her smile is absolutely contagious! She loves to coo and cuddle. Everybody loves how she moves her arms and legs to the beat of music around and within her.”


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