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The first child of Alice and Dave, Josiah was due on Alice’s birthday, December 24th. Unfortunately, he was allowed to go 17 days beyond his due date. While under continuous fetal monitoring and medical supervision, Josiah was fatally injured. Weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds, 5 ounces at birth, Josiah had a full head of hair and looked perfect in every way. Many kind people remarked “You have a beautiful baby.” An MRI film, however, showed that despite his physical appearance, the brain damage Josiah suffered was irreparable and would soon end his life.

Still clinging to hope, his parents named him Josiah Bennett. Josiah is a Hebrew name meaning “God Has Healed” and Bennett is Latin for “Little Blessed One.” When Josiah was five days old, his parents had him baptized and on the following day they took him off of the respirator. He was a big and strong baby who breathed on his own. He would often open his mouth in the shape of the letter “O” — he looked just like an angel singing. Josiah graced his family with nine more days of life; the final two with his parents at home. Josiah died in his parents’ arms on Sunday morning, January 25th, 2004. In remembering Josiah, his parents remarked that “our love for him is eternal and his presence is everywhere—in our family pictures, in our memories and in our hearts.”


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