Justin Gage

Justin Gage

Website: https://www.woodshinebyjustingage.com/

Justin Gage is an artist and Woodshine is his work. His dedication to detail is obvious. He works day and night constructing gorgeous pieces of art, often ignoring his own body’s demands for food, sleep or alternate activities.  In an almost meditative state and while sitting in easy pose (Buddha-style) for sometimes hours he nails 10 lbs of roofing nails (approximately 5000 by hand)daily.  A daily trip to purchase nails and pick up a piece of wood is part of his creative regimen and his caregivers and family facilitate his requests he insists upon by using a communication app on his iPhone touch.  His compulsion to create WoodShine consumes his life and those in it. He loves the water, surfing, hiking PNW extreme trails, music, food and exhibiting raw, loud enthusiasm for life!  His art exhibits the same adventurous flow and intricate detail as his other life passions.  Purchasing WoodShine is a way to give art, autism and freedom of expression a voice and a way to help the artist, Justin Gage, say YES to his adventure! (pieces range from 25 to 200 dollars each depending upon size, nail coverage, and type of wood - 8x8 prints on ready-to-hang lifted tiles of his work will also be available for 20 dollars each or 3 for $50.)

My first pallet:
Two summers ago, due to my heavy stomping our floor needed to be patched. I watched the guys screw in the corners and that is where it all began. I then searched all over the house insisting on putting all nail-or-screw-like things into that plywood. It became my first masterpiece. Since then I have narrowed it down to roofing nails as they facilitate the wavy patterns I desire. I pick up wood on our hikes in the Cascades and Olympics. Windstorms are awesome! -Justin

About WoodShine:
All artwork is composed of wood meticulously chosen by the artist on hikes in the Pacific Northwest Temperate Rainforest Region paired with construction grade nails and tacks. Natural processes effect both the wood and metal and we view this as an enhancement to the work. There are inconsistencies and ongoing decomposition reactions that shape each unique piece. No living trees were destroyed to create this work….except by the forces of nature. Justin’s work is a true partnership with the life-death-life cycle of the temperate rainforests. He hunts out wood in his community and on hikes, then hammers approximately 10 lbs of roofing nailing a day by hand. He remains extremely focused and has a very magical way of distributing the nails into various containers prior to bringing them out to his shop and incorporating them into each piece. Although the system changes the artist remains committed to the rhythm of the process; the signature of a true Zen Master.

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