Justin L
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Justin L

Justin, who was born on July 16, 2012, passed away 13 days before his fourth birthday. He had been fighting an extremely rare form of brain cancer. Justin is remembered now for “his silliness and love for family and friends. Justin loved making people laugh and enjoyed being an ‘entertainer.’”

One of his family’s fondest memories is of the day, only two weeks before he passed away, when Justin was invited to the last day of Organized Team Activity at the Seahawks’ practice facility. “He kept telling anyone who would listen,” his mother recalls, “that his favorite players were Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham, Blitz, and Darth Vader. Then he proceeded to yell, ‘Go Hawks!’ during the duration of our inside tour of the VMAC.”

Justin’s mother says she has “so many” to thank for their loving help and support: Soulumination, Melodic Caring Project, Austen Everett Foundation, Auburn Police Department, See Ya Later Foundation, and the Sparrow Club.


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