Karen Keller

Karen Keller

Karen Keller is best known for her original jewelry. She has a Bachelors of Fine Art, but found a passion in silversmithing outside of her school classes. As a mostly self-taught silversmith, she wants her work to be wearable pieces of art. “I love the process of making each piece by hand because I like to feel connected to my pieces and want to feel connected to the wearers.” Using sterling silver and gemstones, her work is both handmade and one of a kind. Influenced by architectural shapes and forms from the Art Deco, Gothic, and Craftsman eras, Karen utilizes high contrast framework, lean lines, negative space, and shapes found within these art styles when designing her pieces. Although most of Karen’s work is focused on clean lines and shapes, she has ventured into texture, creating her signature “stardust” effect. A desire to constantly learn, upcycle, and grow within the medium has led her to refine current technique while pushing to explore new techniques.


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