in honor of Katelyn


Katelyn was born on July 4, 2005 and passed away September 25, 2007. She is the daughter of James and Jessica and little sister to Jailyn. Katelyn was born with Krabbe Disease, a rare genetic disorder caused by a shortage or deficiency in Galactosylceramidase. This deficiency results in defective myelin, the covering which insulates most nerves. This disease cripples mental and motor skills.

Katelyn’s parents say one thing they loved about their daughter was her “cute little ways.” Her mother says, “My favorite place to kiss her was on the side of her face, and when I did, no matter if she was asleep or awake, she would always open her eyes and start blinking; she was the sweetest little girl in the whole world.”

Ever since receiving Katelyn’s diagnosis in February of 2007, Katelyn’s Grandma, Neva, has worked to get Krabbe Disease listed as a disease Louisiana screens for at birth. In June 2007 the Louisiana House and Senate passed SCR 103, which will ask the DHH to add Krabbe Disease to the list for newborn screening, allowing Katelyn to have the potential to save the life of a future child born with Krabbe disease in Louisiana.



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