Kelly Chandler

Kelly Chandler

Lynette photographed my wedding and I have beautiful photos to cherish. We had Lynette scheduled to take photos of our first child but sadly, I had to call and cancel. We lost our beautiful baby boy, Grant, to a cord accident during birth. I was shocked and devastated. You never get over losing a child but you do get through it. I have since been blessed with 2 beautiful children and thank God for their health and beautiful spirits. I have only one photo of Grant, taken by the nurses at the hospital with a Polaroid camera. I treasure it, but wish I had more.
I have been photographing professionally for over 14 years now and love to see families come full circle. From weddings to pregnancy to family portraits and commercial photography….I love it all. Grant has inspired me to volunteer for Soulumination so that I can give the gift of photography to the Soul families. It is my way of honoring Grant and turning my own personal tragedy into something beautiful for others.


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