Laura Brewer

Laura Brewer

I think I have been petting fabric for as long as I can remember.  Texture, Pattern, Color!  It all speaks to me in one way or another.  I started my business, Laura T Designs when I realized I have too many scraps.  I love turning them into useful objects for others to enjoy!
I have been able to share my connection with Soulumination with others in my community and knowing they were able capture treasured images of their darling means a lot to me.  When thinking of Soulumination and what it brings to families, I know that every day is a Celebration. Years ago at a market a young patron, barely as tall as the table put on one of the rather girlie crowns. When I asked her if it was her birthday, she said “No, I just feel like Celebrating”  Thus Celebration Crowns were born.  “Every Day is a Celebration”

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