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Liam is the younger brother of Nathan. Liam was born on July 10, 2008, and in November 2009 suffered a severe skull fracture after falling. He underwent an emergency craniotomy, and complications from that surgery required a second craniotomy in August 2010. He also underwent a cranioplasty to reconstruct his skull, and now “is alive and well, thank God!” reports his mother.

“Liam is very independent, resilient, stubborn and charming,” his mother adds. “He is very good at trying to get his way in all things!” He also is very intelligent: “We were at Children’s for the craniotomy/cranioplasty surgery, and by the third post-op day, Liam would tell the nurses how to check his vitals. He would pick the order of things to be done and in what area. He was so compliant and charming that the nurses didn’t want him to go home!”

Liam’s mother also wants people to know that “we are so blessed that Liam’s long-term prognosis is so amazing! Chances are that he will not need another surgery, and he has no apparent brain damage. His skull is expected to heal 100 percent. We are so grateful for the medical staff at Children’s and at Mary Bridge.”



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