in honor of Logan


Logan’s mother describes him as “a thinker. He expressed himself with his hands, always folding them, pointing. And he laughed lots and lots. He was so fascinated by his big brother Aiden.” She remembers how he “would laugh boisterously every time I looked at him and said, ‘Baby!’ And his coos were so magical, so musical.”

Logan was a healthy baby until he suffered a “sleeping accident” that caused a brain swelling from which he could not recover. He passed away on December 16, 2011, just shy of four months from the day he was born.

Logan’s mother Shauna would like to acknowledge LifeCenter. “Logan was an organ donor—he gave his heart, visceral organs, and kidneys. LifeCenter has been so kind, sending me literature, books, and letters.” When thinking about the service Soulumination provided to her family, she writes, “Your pictures help me every day in my grief.” 



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