Nadine Hamil

Nadine Hamil


When I was 5 years old I watched a television show called Fun at One. I created whales out of paper bags, newspaper and string. I was so happy. Not only did I create one whale, I had a passion to fill our living room with many, many whales. I can still feel the excitement I felt that day. This was the beginning of my creative self!

Throughout my life I have been drawn to uncover my creativity and self expression to help build my self esteem and confidence.  I have been lead to work with a variety of healing and artistic modalities to encourage and nurture myself and to get in touch with my inner life, shedding what I no longer need.  Over the past 25 years I have been committed to a path of personal growth using various modalities such as private and group therapy, breathwork, dream interpretation, crystal grids and shamanic studies.

Working with energy practitioners has been an important part of my life.  I have delved into the shamanic healing arts including drum and rattle making.  Working with a shamanic visionary artist doing journey work, we then used charcoal and pastels to express our journey experiences.  This form of art expression was another means to assist in the peeling of “my onion”, helping me to open the inner eyes of my heart.

I believe I am here to help people heal themselves through their intuition and go deeper into the wisdom of their body.  I feel myself come alive helping others express themselves through creativity, play, movement, laughter and fun as a way of reaching deeper into themselves and perhaps recovering forgotten parts.

When a friend sent me Creative Juices Website, I knew I wanted to paint. I had to paint! I found freedom in the brush, painting my feelings on paper unleashed me. The colors ignited my creativity. I reclaimed my power… again.  I did not have to figure everything out. My intuition knew. I learned to trust myself and the universe assisted me.

Traveling to California and studying with Chris Zydel was exhilarating. I looked forward to connecting with my fellow Intuitive Painting colleagues and growing in unexpected and powerful ways through laughter, tears, singing, hiking in mud and communicating with trees.

During my training I was spiritually guided to open a studio and invite people to share in creativity and community. My passion for this process brought me through my fears. Growing bigger can be scary at times but with Chris’ support and my friends it all happened. New people came into my life.  I embrace their differences and similarities and I learn from everyone who walks through the studio door.

Intuitive Painting is helping me soften the voice of the inner critic and is inspiring me to see the light that I am and accept my whole self.  Through trusting my intuition it is becoming easier to be bold, take action, and realize mistakes are creative opportunities for silliness and transforming heaviness to light, lead to gold…alchemy.


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