Peter S
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Peter S

Born on August 24, 2015, Peter came into the world with “a multiplicity of birth defects,” in his mother’s words. Among them are Omphalocele, imperforated anus, pulmonary hypoplasia, sacral agenesis, tethered spinal cord, solitary kidney, diaphragmatic hernia, clubfoot, malformation of the right leg, and pulmonary hypertension. Small wonder that “before Peter was born, there was doubt as to whether he would live.”

But live he did. “Once he came, he persevered and surprised many doctors with his fortitude. One doctor said, ‘He’s shown us that he’s more than capable!’ And he always does it with a smile on his face. He is very inspirational.”

Peter’s family would like to thank Seattle Children’s Hospital: “They are wonderful!”



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