Pierre Frevol

Pierre Frevol

To paraphrase a famous ad from a local insurance company, “I am a lot like you, maybe a little bit different:”
Like you, I am passionate about my job and about my family!
Born and raised in France, I started photography at age 13 and got my first all-manual interchangeable lens film camera (SLR) at age 16, more than 30 years ago. Since then, I never stopped photographing my surroundings, documenting our travels, capturing the moments and making portraits of my wife and 3(now teenager) daughters.
Photography remains a hobby. I still do a lot of photos just for the pleasure, of my family, of my travels and of my wanderings in the great Pacific Northwest… However, being a professional photographer is much more than taking great photos and I take my job as a photographer very seriously, and I am passionate about keeping it a healthy business. I now have a portrait studio in Kirkland.
I know that great photos, the ones that capture and/or bring emotions, has the unique powers to change our vision of our world. And I’m not the only one to know that: look at the amount of money corporations and politicians are spending on photos to improve your perception of them. That’s why the work Soulumination does, I believe, can really help affected families to heal. I’m thankful to be able to serve those families through this organization.


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