in honor of Priya


The daughter of Michael and Poonam, and the little sister of Mathan and Mehul, Priya was born on March 2, 2010 with a series of complicated health issues including Lissencephaly, club feet, hip dysplasia and PDA ligation. Her mom and dad are struck by “her softness, sweetness, innocence and simplicity.” They add that they “are fortunate in our lives. We have two healthy, caring boys. When Priya was born it was stressful. We went through hospital diagnoses, medical terms and training.

We were nervous to finally bring her home, even overwhelmed. What would her life be like? It wasn’t until we got home that our oldest son said, ‘I’m so glad my baby sister is home, I love my baby sister,’ that we realized that she is just a sweet, innocent baby, and our job was to give her as much love and support as we could.” They also discovered that they were not the only ones giving. “She gives us love, compassion and hope—some of the greatest gifts in life.”

Priya’s parents would like to thank the University of Alberta Stollery Children’s Hospital for its help and support.



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