in honor of Senta


After a very long struggle with methyl malonic acidemia, little Senta passed away on July 16, 2014, when she was eight years old. “It’s been almost a year and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t reminisce about her short life,” says her mother.

The memories of Senta and her charms come fast and furious. “She was always opinionated, independent, thoughtful, sympathetic, witty, humorous, and full of love and laughter.” Over years of medical treatment, she became something of a professional patient. “She was so used to lab draws that she would tell them where to poke her, then thank them: ‘Thank you for your help!’” Whenever her little sister Elena was getting vaccinated, Senta would be right there with her, murmuring encouragement: “Nena, you got this! You’re doing a good job! See? It wasn’t that bad!” Whenever her mother was struggling with sorrow over Senta’s treatment, she would hear her little girl consoling her: “It’ll be okay, Mommie…”

“Her wit and strength helped us all through many things, while her humor would burst up a group,” her mother says. “She was a natural light who gathered people in a way that I can’t explain.”


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