in honor of Soleil


Little Soleil was born on April 27, 2008, and passed away on May 16, 2008. She was the beloved little sister of Viviana, Cainan, and Aaron. Soleil suffered from necrotizing enterocolitis, and endured two surgeries in her short life.

Soleil’s sister Viviana, who is eight, had two brothers before Soleil was born (one older and one younger). She yearned for a little sister, and wrote the following story about Soleil’s birth:

“When the fairy godmother gave me three wishes, I wished for a baby sister. When I wished for her she appeared in a little bed. She was cute. She was a baby. She had a cute silly smile. And when she was at the hospital she waved her hand at me and touched my hand. When she touched it, it felt like an angel. I love Soleil.”

Viviana also wrote this story recently: “I remember Soleil, she was sweeter than an angel. I Love her silly smile. I will always remember her like a little princess. You are my little angel. I will always think about you. When I always think about you, I will remember my cute angel.”



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