Sophie H
in honor of Sophie H

Sophie H

Born on April 30, 2016, photographed eight days later (on Mother’s Day), little Sophie Lucille passed away on May 11, from heart failure. “Sophie was a very determined, loving little girl who taught us about having patience and how to be grateful for every minute we have on earth,” her mother says. “Without saying a single word, she taught us so much and had such a powerful personality!”

Even before she was born, Sophie surpassed her doctors’ expectations for her. “She never gave up and she proved so many doctors and other medical professionals wrong. They told us she wouldn’t make it full term, and that she would most likely be stillborn. But she made it to 31 weeks, and gave us 11 days! She knew what she was doing, and fought to make it here with us, even if it was for a short time.”

Sophie’s family—her mother, father, and three-year-old brother, Oscar—also sent us an extremely moving message, one that reminds us powerfully of the importance of our mission: “These pictures remind us every day of the beautiful family we have. They are hung in our living room, where we spend most of our time together and feel that Sophie is never far. We are so thankful for our pictures from Soul, as we now have something that will forever let us ‘see’ her.”


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