Tanner P
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Tanner P

Tanner lived from December 22, 2004, until Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005. He is the son of Erik and Kelly. Tanner’s mother had a difficult pregnancy, during which Tanner failed to grow after his fifth month. He was born with many health problems, including a nonfunctioning spleen, an enlarged liver, shrinking kidneys, and brain damage. “From the first day he saw his first ray of light,” his mother says, “he fought for his precious life. His personality was of a fighter. When you looked into his little blue eyes, he would look at you and you would just melt.” Tanner passed away in his parents’ arms. “We could see it in his eyes that he was slowly drifting away. Even his eye color went from bright blue to dark blue. We wanted him to die in our arms and not a nurse’s arms. We wanted the last view from his eyes to be of his parents.”

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