Tanner B
in honor of Tanner B

Tanner B

Little Tanner was born on December 5, 2005, and passed away on August 27, 2011. He suffered from a bilateral thalmic brain infarct, with a history of seizures and chronic lung disease. He was the beloved little brother of Allie, Tyler, and Isabella. “He was very happy and he loved to smile, and his eyes were always sparkling,” his mother says. “He had the cutest coo sound—he sounded like a dove.” She particularly remembers how “Tanner loved to go camping and hunting, and go to nana’s and papa’s ranch house to play outside. He couldn’t walk but he loved the outdoors.”

Tanner’s family would like to thank Seattle Children’s Hospital, PSA Homecare, the McC team at Children’s, and the District 26 Volunteer Fire Dept.

In memory of Tanner: “To infinity and beyond…till we meet again!”



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