in honor of Teah


Teah was born on January 20, 2003 and died April 6, 2013. Teah loved to dance, sing at the top of her lungs, and play with her brother and friends.
She was an amazing artist at only 10 years old. She loved to draw and paint with acrylics. Her Mom often said,“Teah’s a better artist at 10 years old than I was at that age!”

She loved to be in nature. Her favorite summer activities were hiking and camping where she would roast marshmallows and (yes, with sticky hands) find ways to create art with natural, found materials in the forest.

She loved school. At home her favorite she loved learning about American History and Science.
At her homeschool co-op, ORLA, she loved all her teachers and friends.

Teah was a very generous little girl. Every month when she received her allowance she would first give to her favorite charity, the BGMC. Then, she would buy her brother, Rodin, a treat or small toy and then get something for herself.

Teah was a bright, happy, creative, sweet girl.
She will be greatly missed, but she loved Jesus and is dancing with him in heaven right now.




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