Victoria G
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Victoria G

Kids don’t come more plucky and determined than little Victoria. Born on December 31, 2012, she has been fighting Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. For the first year of her life, her mother says, “she was struggling just to survive. She was so determined but in so much pain.” Now, “she has just learned to walk and I have never seen a child more excited to explore her world.”

Victoria greets every adventure with pure joy. “She is so thrilled with every little thing Just going in the car gets her so excited, she pumps her arms and legs and squeals with joy. She laughs so easily!”

She also is tremendously affectionate. “Although she can’t speak yet, she tells us that she is happy or pleased with a kiss. She will kiss us and then grab our hand to show us what she wants. Then, after we give her what she wants, we get another kiss. She gives such tight hugs and snuggles in really close when settling for bed.”

Victoria’s family would like to thank Sisters By Heart and Seattle Children’s Hospital for such great care and support.

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