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William was born on July 7, 2005 to parents Oralea and Roderick and is younger brother to Kyla. William suffers from GM1 Gangliosidosis and lacks the ability to produce the enzyme beta-galactosidase, resulting in a progressive deterioration of the central nervous system.

William has always been an affectionate and good-natured little boy. He loves cuddling and receiving attention and gladly gives smiles, kisses, laughter and love in return. His family also says that William “loved to explore. He used to crawl all around the house with the biggest smile on his face just looking for something to get into. I would often find him in a room banging a toy on the floor and relishing in the noise it made.”

His family would like everyone to know that “although William never uttered a single word, he has shown us and those around him the purest of love. Even though William is just nearing two years of age, he has taught us so much more than we could ever have imagined and we feel truly blessed to have the privilege of being his parents.”

They would like to thank the National Tay-Sach’s and Allied Diseases Foundation.


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