Pierre Frevol

When I was 14, I spent all the money I’d been saving on my first big buy: a Pentax ME, a compact SLR with a couple of prime lenses. Since then, photography and software have become my 2 lifetime passions. Yes, I’m a bit of a geek: I spent the first 20+ years of my career working in the software industry. One day in December 2008, I volunteered for a Help-Portrait charity photoshoot with homeless people in Seattle (as an editor.) At that time, I came to realize something that I had never heard from any photo instructor: portraits are not about light, not about art, not about posing, not about filters, or the photographer. Those are tools and means. Portraits are about the subjects and the people around them. They are about personality, they are about emotions, they are about making an impact in people’s life. And that’s an exciting mission! It’s why I run a professional portrait and headshot studio downtown Issaquah, WA. I also organize and photograph free full-day family photography event once a year with the YWCA in Redmond, and I contribute to Soulumination as a photographer, as often as they let me.