Evelyn A.

Alaina’s and Craig’s daughter Evelyn was born on June 22, 2020, and passed away less than two years later on March 27, 2022, from cardiac and respiratory failure. “Evelyn was beautifully unique in every way,” her mother tells us. “She had no trouble humbling the medical professionals who cared for her whilst simultaneously pulling them into her orbit of admirers. She now lives in our hearts…and we are forever changed.”

There likely is nothing more complicated than the emotional journey a parent begins when he or she loses a child. Evelyn’s mother speaks eloquently to that issue, and what a vital role Soulumination can play in helping cope with the unimaginable. The gift of these pictures, Alaina says, “was a warm embrace from a stranger during a time when we couldn’t even express to our family and friends how to help and support us. When I look at the images, I see the love that is present. But they are also a reminder of the hard realities we navigated. It may sound strange, but this helps bring us back from fantasizing that things weren’t as bad or difficult as they were. It’s a mental wellness check as we continue to navigate our heartbreak.”