Jack D.

Jack, who is 18 months old, has three older siblings: Alex, age 7; Aria, 5; and Addison, 3. Jack suffers from a rare form of soft tissue sarcoma. He has undergone an astonishing 31 rounds of chemo and 6 surgeries. He has lost 80 percent of his quad, but still has learned to walk. He is, his mother says, “an amazing baby.”

Jack is your basic charmer to boot. “He is so enchanting, captivating people all around him with his smile and sparkling eyes. While hospitalized, he would sit in his room window and blow kisses to nurses and other patients’ guests. He got many free toys, balloons, and books this way!”

Jack’s mother would like to acknowledge that her family is “so blessed by anonymous donors at Children’s Hospital who helped pay for his care, as well as the beautiful people who put on Camp Agape and Camp Side-by-Side.