Jack D.

Jack, who was born on August 24, 2011, and passed away on August 19, 2013, was the son of Jim and Kari, and the little brother of Ella. He suffered from global encephalopathy caused by a glucose crash at 10 weeks old, and cardio-facio cutaneous syndrome. “His resilience and generally jovial personality in spite of all he’d been through are unforgettable,” his mother says. “He always fought to stand when placed on his feet, until just before his death. He had an amazing strength to his overall being in spite of visual impairment, tone in his limbs, infantile spasms and so on.”

Jack lived his short life with tremendous zest. As his mother remembers, “His passions were the outdoors, Irish folk music, and the sound of his sister’s voice. They all made him exclaim out loud. He rafted, hiked, ate wild berries and generally was game to do whatever we were. I miss our mornings most, when we’d sit in the recliner and talk.”

Jack’s family would like to thank CFC International/NORDS, South King County Intervention Program (SKIP), MCC program at Children’s Hospital, Providence Hospital of Seattle Palliative and Hospice Care, and Stepping Stones Safe Crossings for so much love, help, and support.