Jasper C.

Jasper had what his parents call “a rough start in life.” Five hours after he was born, his doctors realized he was having seizures. Subsequent examinations revealed that he had suffered an infant stroke at birth, with the result that he will have impaired vision, uncorrectable by glasses, throughout his life, and likely will suffer from other impairments as well. At age 11 months, Jasper has mild strabismus, mild cortical vision impairment, and slight asymmetry in the use of his left and right hands, and will always be at risk for seizures. But he also is a very active, engaged little boy, crawling and getting around with no difficulty, and his mother describes him as “the happiest, smiley-est little baby, who loves to laugh and is amazed by everything around him.”

Jasper’s parents have created a website, www.oneinfourthousand.org, to help raise awareness of infant stroke.