Jaxen F.

Born on August 2, 2014, Jaxen is fighting Pompe Disease, a rare multi-system genetic disorder. “He never gives up,” his mother says, “he is always happy and knows when something or someone is going to help him feel better.”

His parents will never forget one crisis that demonstrated the power of his determination and personality. “He was intubated three times in six weeks, and didn’t have to be fully sedated. He was the most awake toddler they said they’ve ever had, and he never tried to pull the tube out. We had dance parties with him every morning.”

Jaxen’s family would like to thank the Enduring Waves Foundation, which is paying for Jaxen’s mom’s education to become his nurse. “And PSI helps with expenses, and the Jadyn Fred Foundation as well. We couldn’t afford all this without their help!”