Liat G.

Liat, who died at five weeks of age on May 17, 2011, was preceded in death by an older sister, Eliana who lived from September 18, 2009, until February 21, 2010. Both little girls died of an unknown genetic syndrome that is likely recessive. “Liat loved to be held,” her mother recalls. She was so cuddly and just felt so peaceful in our arms. She breathed more comfortably on her left side, and we made sure to always hold her that way. We cherish the time we had with Liat and are grateful that we were able to bring her home so that she could live her last days surrounded by the love of her family.”

Jaime and Paul are the loving parents of their angel daughters, Liat and Eliana. Although her parents miss Liat terribly, they derive some comfort from “knowing that Liat is no longer suffering. She is up above with her sister Eliana, where they are taking care of each other.”