Luke S.

Luke, who was born on October 16, 1991, suffers from hypoxic encaphelopathy, which has left him blind, functionally quadriplegic, and profoundly developmentally delayed. “Luke has a quiet strength and a deep capacity to trust and love,” his parents say. “His patience is unparalleled and is part of how he communicates and has his needs met. With few volitional movements and no words to communicate with, he meets each day with tenacity and courage. His gentle demeanor grounds all of us.”

In a remarkable sign of how Luke connects with people, 125 “of those who have brought love and support to his life from its beginnings” attended his 18th birthday party, even though Luke had moved away from his birthplace. “With all those who mattered to him at the celebration, Luke was surrounded by love.”

He is the son of Bob and Diane, and the older brother of Colin and Dylan.