Nailah B-S.

Born on November 6, 2019, little Nialah graced our earth for just over one year, passing away on December 12, 2020. She fought mitral valve complications and complications from her anticoagulant treatment. “She was so strong,” her mother says. “She fought so hard, she kept fighting until the end.”

Nialah was spunky, her dad says. “She liked to be very independent. I would just want to hold her and kiss her and she would let me know right away that she wanted to be left alone. I would set her in her crib and she would place her foot on the rail, put her finger in mouth, and let me know she was the boss.”

The Soulumination portraits, the parents add, are precious. “They mean so much because those are the last moments we had with our baby girl.”