Paxton Y.

When Paxton’s mother was 24 weeks pregnant, she had to undergo an emergency Caesarean section because of blood clotting and blood loss. Paxton lived for only ten hours “He gave his life to save his mother’s,” his family says.

Because of her medical condition, Paxton’s mom underwent semi-weekly ultrasounds during the latter weeks of her pregnancy. “We could see that he was always playing with his toes, was a fighter, we could tell he was a sweet, caring boy.”

Since his passing, Paxton’s family has seen “hundreds of small birds at our home that have never been here before. His gift to us!”

Paxton’s family would like to thank Mary Bridge Hospital’s NICU, especially Dr Sato, Amanda (their nurse), Maetine (their grief counselor), “and all the others at Multicare!”