Aaron F.

Aaron, the son of Rachell and Cory, was born on May 21, 2008 and passed away in October of 2011. He suffered from renal insufficiency, pulmonary fibrosis, hearing loss, and an inability of his blood to clot. The symptoms were caused by a first-in-the-world genetic mutation that doctors call “Aaron’s Syndrome.”

“When he smiles,” Aaron’s mother said before he passed, “his eyes let you know he is happy. He likes to recite lines from his favorite movies and uses them to communicate, whether it be with his doctors or nurses or his family. He jokes around a lot. You know he likes you if he shoots you with his Nerf gun. And he is an incredibly strong little boy: even after having well over 500 needle pokes, he still does each one without crying, and holds his arms up after and cheers, ‘Tadaa!’”