Adelyse R.

Adelyse is a twin; she and her brother Landon were born on June 27, 2016. Adelyse was born with Timothy Syndrome and Ohtahara Syndrome, and was not expected to see her first birthday. She confounded her doctors, though, and celebrated her and Landon’s birthday in the presence of a Soulumination photographer. Her mother writes, “Her strength drives me and the rest of our family to stay strong. I’ve never known another soul with such fortitude and grace. She is my hero!”

Her family cherishes ever day they have with Adelyse, and vividly remember one remarkable event. “Adelyse wasn’t supposed to see her first birthday, but she did! The week before her birthday she had some moments of remarkable clarity that we had not seen before or since. She made and held eye contact with me for twenty minutes. It felt like a short moment, but will last forever in my memory.”