Alyssa N.

Born on January 15, 2014, Alyssa is fighting stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma. Among the effects from that condition are speech impediments, neuropathy of the hands and feet, partial loss of hearing, and the need for a feeding tube. “She is stronger than all the superheroes in the world,” says her mother. Indeed, there is no end to the superlatives you can use to describe her: “She is a happy, wild, crazy, fun-loving, sassy, strong, brave, huge-hearted girl.”

One of her mom’s most vivid memories is of the day Alyssa lost her hair due to chemotherapy. “I was a mess,” she remembers. “She had never gotten a haircut in her life, and to suddenly lose it all…I couldn’t handle it. But when it came time to clip and shave her remaining hair post-treatment, she looked at me once it was all gone, gave me the biggest smile, and said, ‘No hair, don’t care!' and got up and started dancing. I knew in my heart that she was a million times stronger than I am; and when she has that big smile on her face like nothing can knock her down…that has been the biggest blessing of all.”